FocusCalm Lifetime Membership

FocusCalm Lifetime Membership

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Want to share your headband with a family member, teammate or friend? It's easy! Just purchase the FocusCalm Lifetime membership to create another account that works with a FocusCalm headband.

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Want to share your headband with family or friends?

FocusCalm Lifetime Membership
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Regular price $99.99

Share your headband with a family member, teammate or friend with additional FocusCalm Lifetime memberships.

Higher performance.
Faster recovery.
Greater wellbeing.

Real results for elite athletes and busy parents and professionals

One of my former coaches, Dick Vermeil, used to say, ’90 percent of what we do on the football field is mental.’ That mental preparation was done in the form of film review, walk throughs and understanding how best to attack each defense. Yet, we never did anything to increase our mental capacity to learn through managing stress and increasing mindfulness. FocusCalm has created a dynamic game plan to help me increase my cognitive ability and perform at the highest level.

John Welbourn - 9 Year NFL Veteran & CEO

As a mind-body coach who’s been teaching breathing drills and meditation in professional sports for nearly two decades, having the ability to use FocusCalm’s ground-breaking technology to see the effect on athletes’ brain states in real time and quantifiably measure progress has been a game changer in my work.

Dana Santas - Pro Sports Breathing Coach

Better focus.
Less stress.
More productivity.

We’re excited about the customization FocusCalm offers, knowing that each athlete has unique mental preparation needs during training and especially ahead of qualifiers...

Mike Gattone - Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education, USA Weightlifting

FocusCalm has been a total game changer for me. It has given me the opportunity to really hone in on mindfulness and the mentality of sport...It gave me the edge I have been missing and now I am a National Champion!

Jessica Saxon - National Champion, USA Weightlifting

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